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“In this book, Steve Sanghi and Michael Jones share with us the schematic diagram they created to transform and grow Microchip into the Cinderella story of the semiconductor industry.   The Aggregate System is a proven, holistic methodology for building and maintaining a great company in any industry!”

Roy Vallee
Chairman and CEO,
Avnet Inc.

“Steve and Michael, as leaders of a fast growing successful technology company, have shown the passion and commitment to write down their leadership philosophy in detail.   It is a well organized compendium of immense common sense.   Their values based, walk-the-talk approach recognizes the fast changing environment we live in.   It shows the importance of aggregating and integrating knowledge and experience on a continuous basis.   Finally, it demonstrates the significance of creating a culture that reinforces those values and takes pride in thriving on the complexity.”

John Abele
Founder and Director,
Boston Scientific Corporation

"In this book, Steve and Michael reveal the cultural secrets of Microchip Technology, one of Arizona High Tech's brightest stars.   The Aggregate System is a powerful blend of strategic formula, exceptional culture and human systems combined into a complete self-perpetuating system to produce exceptional performance.   Anyone interested in improving the performance of his or her company should read this book."  

Jerry Colangelo
Chairman and CEO,
Phoenix Suns

“This is not another ‘silver bullet’ piece of academic advise on how to do a ‘quick fix’ to some imaginary business.   The Driving Excellence is a serious and detailed insight into how a real CEO, Steve Sanghi, has transformed a real company, Microchip, into a multibillion dollar world-class enterprise.   Anyone interested in understanding the realities of implementing and sustaining an enterprise-wide constant improvement plan should read this book.”

Dean Kamen
Founder and President,
DEKA Research and Development Corporation;
Inventor of Segway HT;
Science Hall of Fame Inductee

“Managing organizational complexities is a task that befuddles all leaders in all sectors.   Michael and Steve in Driving Excellence have found a way to address complexity as they outline through their experience the mechanisms by which one can bring about organizational success.   Complexity is always the issue and it is often the case that people move to oversimplify.   Michael and Steve do the opposite.   They provide a mechanism to embrace complexity and to move forward across all of the elements necessary to bring about organizational improvement and organizational success in a way that is straightforward and easily understandable across multiple sectors.   I believe that Driving Excellence offers much for managers and CEOs in the public, private and hybrid organizational sectors.   Therefore, I urge everyone to give it very careful consideration.”

Dr. Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University

Driving Excellence is the first book to deal with the integration of all the core elements that are essential to running a business.   It should be required reading for all executives and venture firms looking to boost return on invested capital and add some consistency to their growth.   High praise is due to Michael Jones and Steve Sanghi for developing a blueprint that works in the real world.”

Ed Sperling
Editor in Chief,
Electronic News

“In most businesses today, the pace is accelerating, the complexity increasing, and the competitive pressures growing.   How do you, as an organisation, survive and more importantly, strive to lead?   Driving Excellence is a pragmatic answer to this question from two people (Steve Sanghi and Michael Jones) who have first hand and personal experience over years of making it happen. Their approach pulls together many methods in a holistic system. It drives results by focusing on the key aspects that drive individuals to function at their full potential in their role in the organsiation. This will be a constant reference on my desk.”

Andrew Sukawaty
Inmersat Plc

Driving Excellence presents a systems approach to the development of a corporate culture that will provide continuous improvement for a business and, at the same time, promote employee job satisfaction.   The principles are expressed very clearly, make sense and are easy to understand, the frequent use of examples adds to the clarity of the text.   As a university president for 14 years, I can state that the Aggregate System can be applied to the administration of a university just as well as that of a for-profit corporation.   The success of Microchip as a result of the application of the Aggregate System, adds a great deal of credibility to this work.   I highly recommend the text for corporate executives and those having management aspirations.”

James E.A. John, PhD
Former President,
Kettering University

“The Aggregate System, a.k.a. the ‘ultimate system,’ illustrates the transformational roadmap to corporate excellence, through the methodology of the continuous rate of improvement by keeping the culture and incentive in alignment.   This system is a comprehensive masterpiece, which fosters innovation, execution, improvement and incentive through total organizational empowerment.   Sanghi and Jones deserve a standing ovation for this ‘breakthrough’ treatise on leadership, management, empowerment, culture as the foundation to continuously improving performance.”

Ed Zito
resident & CEO,
Alliance Bank of Arizona

“This book provides a nicely-developed framework to understand organizational effectiveness and performance, drawing upon Steve’s managerial skills, perfected in his significant turnaround performance at Microchip; importantly, the reader benefits from insight and experience about building an organizational culture productive to performance and competitiveness.”

Steven Stralser, PhD
Author of MBA in a Day
Clinical Professor & Managing Director
Global Entrepreneurship Center
Thunderbird:   The Garvin School of International Mgmt

“The Aggregate System outlined in this book provides a practical and comprehensive methodology for transforming good organisations into great ones.   Driving Excellence presents sound, structured guidance for any management team committed to positive change.”

Steve Barber

“What I like most about Driving Excellence, is its focus on the values of the organization as the foundation for the rest of the system.   It is great to see the emphasis given to the development of the employee assets to create self-perpetuating improvement that drives the competitiveness of the total organization in a world of constant change.   Great job Steve and Michael.   Thanks for sharing your learnings!”

Ernest Sampias
Former CFO,
Systems, Inc.

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